Saturday, March 31, 2007

Disclaimer Thoughts

When reading, one bit I knew by heart was the disclaimer. (aside: how many other words are only negative, and don't work as positives? Uncouth, perhaps?)
Anyway, I signaled my membership of the Gordon Mackenzie Appreciation Society by spelling out the '.org' of the URL, but my accent prevented me from indicating an allegience to the Organisation for the Protection of Sub-Urban Oceanside, by giving the 'public domain' part a rising inflection.
How may other parties and schisms lurk in our disclaimer readings? How many cryptic secrets lurk there? Can I promise exactitude of pronunciation in nautical terms, by eliding 'domain' to 'd'main' as Stewart Wills does? Or support the 'Friends of Trollope' Society, (founded by Andy Minter), by replacing 'more information' for 'further information'?
What does it all mean? That I have been listening to too many audiobooks? Perhaps.


Kristin said...

What it means is that you are thoroughly entrenched in LV. :)

ChrisHughes said...

Too true, Kristin.
Tell me, do the knitting contingent of the community alter the end of the disclaimer from 'please visit" to "purlese visit"?
I suppose, secretly, all knitters speak purlese to each other all the time...